dr matt buffan

Dr. Matt Buffan

Dr. Matt is a licensed chiropractor specializing in soft tissue therapies with a passion for helping patients reach optimal health and achieve their fitness and lifestyle goals.

As an active health enthusiast, weight lifter, triathlete, and hiker, Dr. Matt is well-suited to address the unique needs of athletes and active professionals. His greatest strengths are in...learn more about matt

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Welcome to Rochester Spine + Sports Chiropractic - the Home of Movement Rx!

The mission of Rochester Spine and Sports Chiropractic is to move a person closer to optimal health. Dr. Matt focuses on the diagnosis, conservative management and rehabilitative treatment of athletic, repetitive or overuse injuries. The goal is to identify your current health status and then to treat you according to your condition, goals, sport and lifestyle. Treatment is a cutting-edge blend of Manual therapies, gentle Chiropractic adjustments, and Movement Rx® rehabilitation.

Dr. Matt is an expert in finding and fixing adhesion. He has advanced certificates in Integrative Diagnosis Level 1-5, Manual Adhesion Release and Instrument Adhesion Release. To learn more about these fields please click the links below:

Manual Adhesion Release

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